Digital Collage

Digitally combining realistic images and abstract designs to create new works of art intrigues me. And, it’s fun!

I usually start my compositions by photographing something with interesting lines, shapes, colors, tone, or texture. In my studio I paint, draw, and assemble collages. Many different mediums are involved in that process including watercolors, crayons, markers, pencils, pastels, scissors, erasers, glue, paper, cardboard, ink, rubber stamps, chalk, found materials, ephemera, and much more. Whew.

This engaging process then involves scanning my paintings, drawings, and collages, and blending them together with my photographs using Photoshop. I digitally assemble, blend, erase, reposition, layer, separate and recolor these images to create a composite – a digital montage. So… one individual image could be made from hand drawn lines, graffiti on the side of a building, my photograph of a bird, and my abstract watercolor, anything.

You can see some of my work on the Gallery page of this website. You can see and purchase my art by visiting My Online Store.